What this blog is all about and why am I not writing in English

Hello to everyone, who happens to read this, because I’ve referred to their blog here. Since I mostly refer to blogs with English-speaking authors, but our blog here is in Estonian, I thought I’d share a couple of thoughts about our blog and the linguistic choices we’ve made.

I’ve been an avid reader and follower of many sewing-related blogs for about a year. All those blogs are written in English, although a couple of writers seem to be native speakers of French, German or Italian. Most of the authors are women in their twenties or early thirties, only a few of them have kids. They like pretty vintage-inspired clothes, reading, having a couple of (or even more) drinks, discussing fashion history, body image, feminism and all sorts of fascinating things, that interest me, too.

I still haven’t come across a similar blog in Estonian and I just don’t understand why. Or is there actually a whole Estonian-speaking sewing-community of like-minded women and I just haven’t found it? All I’ve seen are blogs of people quilting, crocheting hats for their babies or knitting enormous delicate shawls. I don’t mind any of that, but where are all the cool girls? I refuse to believe that out 900 000 Estonian-speaking people I’m the only one who 1) likes to sew; 2) likes to write about it; 3) isn’t a proper serious adult, yet.

Another thing is that a couple of Estonian sewing blogs I’ve found are written by people who have very advanced skills. As a novice, this has a totally uninspiring effect on me. If inserting a lining can make me want to cry my eyes out, then I don’t want to read about someone, who considers sewing a winter coat a breeze. Maybe in the future, but not now. So, in addition to the previous demographic requirements I mentioned, I’d also like to read about someone, who is only beginning to sew or is perhaps an intermediate seamstress.

So this is why I decided to write in Estonian: I didn’t find anyone else doing it (in a manner that I like, at least), so I thought I should do it myself. Maybe this blog helps me to find other like-minded Estonians, maybe it encourages another Estonian seamstress to start with her blog, we’ll see. The downside is that I won’t become a member of the international sewing community, but I guess this is the price I have to pay if I (with my fellow writer Janika) want to promote sewing around here :)


Ütle sõna sekka!

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